Haiti Update 1/20

 Haiti The work in Haiti is more complicated than some other parts of the world. We are not being bombed by Russia or any other country. Instead, we are dealing with a problem from within. Armed and dangerous gangs control sixty percent of the country, with makes for a complex situation for the rest of …

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Unrest in Haiti

Haiti The situation in Haiti remains difficult as gangs continue to control all the main roads in and out of the capital. Kidnapping rates remain very high, along with other violent crimes. The insecurity combined with ever-rising food costs continue to devastate the country. At this point, one plate of hot food from a food …

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12/22 Haiti Update

This week has been particularly busy. On Tuesday, we distributed 1700 pounds of rice and 500 pounds of beans to 140 families in a rural mountain area. We prayed together and I shared a word of encouragement before we handed out the food. This community worked together and donated a very generous amount of charcoal …

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