Ohio Tornado Update

On March 14th a tornado hit the town of Indian Lake OH. On Friday I was called out to go check up on the damage. After driving through several little towns in Indiana that had gotten hit, I arrived in Indian Lake OH and was immediately blown away by the extent of the damage and the ferocity of the storm. I have seen a lot of disasters by this time in my career and it takes quite a bit startle me, but startled I was.
The tornado had gone through a trailer park and totally demolished it, houses were all mixed up in each other with trees tossed in for seasoning like some evil giant was in the process of baking a cake.
The town lay on the edge of a lake and the tornado came barreling in from the west and tore along the beach, taking out several residential sections before smashing into an island and then continuing across the lake to wreak havoc on the other side.
Pray for the people of Indian Lake, who now face the daunting task of rebuilding their lives from the ruins of their shattered homes and communities.

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