New Staff Introductions! Part 2

Meet Arthur Jones!
I never thought I would end up in the humanitarian crisis response field… or at least for this long. My post-university plans and dreams looked quite different.
God has a unique way of showing favour and can often steer us in a different direction for a season… a journey we could have never imagined and one that changes our lives.
My journey in this field began with volunteering at a refugee camp in Greece, where I spent almost eight months leading up to the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The need to evacuate my grandmother and my desire to help my homeland led me back to Ukraine.
After several weeks of running solo evacuations inside Ukraine, I encountered a setback due to vehicle issues, which brought my operations to a halt. The organisation PCCR (which was in the country then) was brought to my attention by some connections from Greece. I reached out, and the rest is history…
It has been a remarkable journey, during which I have been amazed beyond words countless times, witnessing and experiencing God’s hand at work so clearly and vividly during my time in the field. These experiences have profoundly changed my life, strengthened my faith, and, for every moment, I am grateful.
God leads us through unexpected journeys and into unimaginable places to use us for His kingdom, to help, impact, and change other people’s lives and, in the process, change our own lives too.
When an opportunity arises in your life and you can discern it’s from God, it’s something that you couldn’t have conjured up yourself. Talk to God, say yes, put your first step forward, and go in faith. God’s with you.
I look forward to seeing the incredible things God will continue to do in many different parts of the world through this organization. I’m excited to be a part of it.
Onwards and Upwards.
— Arthur

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