Length & Location:
The 12 day training will be held in Pennsylvania and West Virginia on a quarterly basis, starting August 2021.

What is the cost?
$1,950.00 per person

Each person will graduate with the following certificates
-CPR – AED certificate from the American Heart association
-Bloodborne Pathogens
-OSHA certification in Chain Saw Operator Safety
-OSHA certification in Skid Steer Operator Safety
-FEMA Incident Command System 100, 200, 700, & 800
These certificates are recognized by fire departments, law enforcement, EMS, Red Cross, and FEMA. This will allow us to work alongside these agencies in areas of disaster.

Skills for emergency situations:
– We will also train on the following topics:
– GPS, Mapping, & Grid Coordinates 
– Radio Operations
– Helicopter LZ operations
– Basic medical knowledge
– 5 days of spiritual and emotional equipping at an Overcomer’s Course
– Leadership & teamwork

Individual Freedom and Empowerment 

One of the goals of this program is to empower individuals to break through the spiritual and emotional strongholds in their own lives, and to replace it with godly truth. This process will teach them to effectively minister to other people.

We will have teachings on prayer and spiritual warfare, leadership and authority, being a solid team
player, and how to effectively operate in high pressure situations. We will also be doing leadership and team exercises to help the team synchronize and operate in unity.

Q: What are the age requirements?
A: The required age for this training is 17. If you take the training at 17 you must wait to deploy with the initial response team until you are 18. You will still be able to respond with a general volunteer team providing you have signed our parental consent form.

Our Graduates

September 2022
January 2022
August 2021