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From the director's desk:

Welcome to another edition of our newsletter! It’s always a joy to gather information that we believe would be helpful for you to get a first hand look into the work that we’re doing at any given time. As volunteers and staff share their experiences, I can sense that God is doing a deep work in their lives as well. And isn’t that how it should be? We are not without need ourselves!

At times there are huge challenges that we face when trying to help people in need, but it has often caused us to take an honest look at ourselves and allow God to have His way in us rather than do it our way. Hearing of these challenges and how the team has been taking responsibility has been inspiring to me! It’s inspiring to see the gospel at work in their own lives as they serve others…. 


where we're going

bringing the peace and restoration of Jesus Christ into the hearts and lives of those who have been shattered by natural and man-made disasters. 


how we get there

It is our mission to train and equip teams to bring hope, resources, and leadership to humanitarian disasters around the world.

the latest posts


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The work in Haiti lasted for a total ...
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First Response

US Response Statistics

This year has been busy. In April, we ...
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Ukraine Project Statistics

Ukraine Project Statistics From the beginning of 2023, ...
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Morocco Project Statistics

Morocco Project Statistics The shelter project in Morocco ...
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Ukraine Update 1/15

Help Launch a Church in Ukraine.”Over the past ...
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Ukraine Update 12/21

[Update from our chaplain Leonid]Our team of volunteers ...
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