PCCR is excited to launch a stateside disaster relief program! The purpose of this program is threefold: to train and equip our youth, to activate the church, and to impact our nation. 
Our goal is to send leaders trained and equipped to respond to crises within the US and then build on that training and experience for further development to send them into more intense situations internationally.

Massive Tornado Damage in Mayfield, KY
On the night from 12/1-12/11/21, a record-breaking Tornado moved over multiple states and left a 200 mile long path of destruction. It destroyed homes, businesses, hospitals, killed at least 90 people and left rubble and rubbish everywhere. 

Every day, approximately 5,000 Venezuelans are forced to leave their homeland in search of food and shelter. More than 4 million have left Venezuela in hopes of finding security with more than 1 million having left in the last year. Most of them are heading into Colombia looking for work and a safe place to sleep. On foot, carrying a few belongings in backpacks and bags, many of them with little children, they have become know as the Walkers…

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