Ukraine (Update From Chaplain Leonid)

“Tangerine of gratitude”
Often, when we visit people in the East, we bring humanitarian aid, and in return we receive their grateful hearts.
They really have a lot to complain about. They wonder how they can live in a place where there is no water, no electricity, and the only heat is from a stove that needs to be constantly heated with firewood, which is sorely lacking. But they taught me a lot: to be grateful for the day, to be thankful for bread, water, heat, and for the fact that God protects me every day. They have seen from their own experience that earthly goods are not eternal and can end at any time, so they have learned to appreciate what God gives them every day. And we, in turn, receive grateful hearts when we bring them the Word of God and help. This is our reward for our work.
This time, when we were in Ocheretino, after preaching to people and delivering humanitarian aid, we visited an old lady living in a basement. The entrance to the basement was very narrow and you had to kneel down to get in. Grandmother Ella greeted us very cordially. When I handed her the bread, she cried, tears of gratitude and despair at the same time.
– Grandma, do you know why Jesus came to this earth and what He did for you?
– ⁠No, son, tell me.
And after a few minutes of telling her about Jesus, who died for our sins and rose again on the third day for our justification, she answered:
– ⁠”Son, I understand now, I am also righteous, Jesus died for me.
I was very happy to hear these words, because she accepted this gift of eternal life. She was so happy that she wanted to thank me, but she had nothing but a single tangerine.
This is a tangerine of gratitude, not of rejection. I thank God for you, for coming here and telling me the Gospel. I have peace now.
I am very happy that I can give people joy through Jesus Christ.

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