Ukraine Update 4/19

Part 2
We pleaded with them for a long time to leave and they almost agreed to be evacuated, but the son decided he would stay and convinced his parents to do the same. This is something we have run up against multiple times, as people choose to continue living in a constant war zone that they have grown accustomed to, rather than living in a strange place in safety.
With that, we returned to our vehicle and quickly unloaded more of the aid and amazingly found someone there who knew where to find the lady who had requested evacuation.
So with them along as a guide we raced along to the location on the Eastern edge of town, and after unloading the rest of the aid for the people in that area, we picked her up and headed out of town.
Driving out we found multiple fresh hits along the way, and once again thanked God for keeping us long enough so we wouldn’t be there when they targeted the road.
Over the next 3 hours, as we returned to Dnipro, Chaplain Leonid explained the Gospel to our evacuee, as she listened with great interest.
After dropping her off at an IDP shelter, we went to our accommodation. Drained from our escapade and with a splitting headache from the shockwaves we hit the bed and slept till morning.
It was a good day, granted one of the wildest, but once again we have seen God’s guiding and protection through it all.

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