Tornado Damage in MS

On the evening of March 24th, the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi had an EF 4 tornado go right through town with winds up to 170 mph. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing. There also have been a number of fatalities.
The small town of Silver City got destroyed, and half of the town of Amory has extensive damage. The tornado has left an approximately 100 mile track of damage, some of that in rural areas. We deployed a team with the RV on the 25th to help with the tornado cleanup. They arrived on the next day, teamed up with Cajun Navy and started helping with the cleanup.
Pray for the people who lost lives and possessions in the storm. 
We’re opening this project up for volunteers. Right now, there’s a need for skid steers and dump trucks, as well as plenty of manpower to help with the cleanup. 

If you have questions about volunteering, call our volunteer hotline at (717)915-9770.

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