Orphanage in Thailand

caring for orphaned and abandoned children that are otherwise at high risk of trafficking

We’re working with an orphanage in Thailand that is located close to the Burmese border and has been experiencing a large influx of abandoned and orphaned Burmese children. This is a secondary disaster caused by the Burmese government taking action against various people groups in Burma. The parents abandon or leave their children in Thailand, while they themselves cannot stay in the country and have to return to Burma. 


where we're going

The vision of this organization is to demonstrate God’s love by providing relief in areas of disaster that are not publicized widely and/or hard to access.


how we get there

Our mission is to equip our volunteers with training and leadership skills needed to make a greater impact on the field and deploy them to the areas that we want to reach.

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Wrapping up the Brazil Project

One thing I’ve learned over the past 2 weeks is that the Brazilian people are hardy folk. Picking up a shovel, …

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Brazil Flooding 5/28
 As we headed deeper into the disaster zone ...
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Thailand Update 5/24
The children’s home here in Thailand is bustling ...
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Brazil Flooding 5/22
Starting on 28th April, Southern Brazil was hit ...
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Thailand – How You can Help!
Here’s how you can get involved in the ...
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Thailand Update 5/15
The civil war in Myanmar has undergone escalations ...
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April/May Training Recap
I am so grateful for all the things ...
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