Ukraine Update 1/15

Help Launch a Church in Ukraine.
“Over the past eighteen months, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Pastor Leonid in Ukraine, a dedicated individual who is incredibly passionate and committed to bringing the gospel to his people and to provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs during this dark and difficult time . Together with our team, we’ve navigated the challenging frontlines of Ukraine, sharing the gospel to thousands of people, delivering essential aid supplies such as food parcels, medicines and hygiene items, conducting evacuations, and offering hope and assistance to those affected by this horrific ongoing war.
Now, Pastor Leonid is embarking on a new mission to expand his ministry— to establish a church that will serve as a beacon of hope and support for the people of Dnipro and the thousands of internally displaced persons currently residing there. However, he needs your help to gather the required funds to be able to achieve this.
His vision for the church includes:
– A hub for humanitarian aid
– A rehabilitation center for displaced people who have experienced trauma from war.
– Rehabilitation center for soldiers with PTSD
– Bible classes/ conferences
– Children’s ministry
– Ministry for elderly people
– Alcohol and drug rehab
I’ve have been inspired by this man’s incredible life of faith, his passion for the gospel, his country, his people, and the church. The eternal impact of his past and ongoing work is truly immeasurable and I’m excited to see what God will do through him with this church building.” -from one of our volunteers
We are sharing this unique opportunity to help launch a church in Ukraine! We have worked very closely with Pastor Leonid and believe in him and the work he is doing!

[This money goes directly to help launch the church in Ukraine and does not go to PCCR.]

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