Update on the Shelter Project 11/25

Helping with the shelter project in Morocco has been an extraordinary learning experience, with volunteers from multiple cultures and languages working together to support the population in the mountain villages. Some of the people have been living there for generations and would not consider moving elsewhere. They are hard workers and have sustained their families for decades, living in the same village. There are vehicles that travel the roads regularly to bring supplies and provide transportation, and these vehicles often have passengers riding on the rooftop to ride to town or another nearby village for various business purposes.
The 6.8 magnitude earthquake in September has brought devastation to a lot of these villages. Some people have lost family members or neighbors, while others have seen their houses collapse into a pile of rocks. Many villagers live in tents while others live in houses that are considered stable. Aftershocks (or smaller earthquakes) are still a concern in these areas and can create more landslides. The families are very grateful for the shelters, as they provide better protection against the snow and cold weather that is typical in the mountains.

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