Hurricane Idalia Response

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On the morning of 8/30,  Hurricane Idelia hit the Florida panhandle. It hit the coast as a category 3 hurricane, with winds as high as 125 mph, causing extensive damage to entire towns. Much of the damage consists of downed trees, damaged structures and damaged roofs.  There’s a need for manpower, skidsteers and chainsaws for the cleanup efforts.

A lot of people don’t have the means to tarp their own roofs and remove rubble and downed trees from their properties. Contractors are using the situation and are charging extremely high prices for tree removals. Many of the people who live in these rural areas cannot afford the services, but still need help. 

If you cannot volunteer but would like to help, we invite you to help by donating. By doing so, you are helping us help them.

On behalf of all the people who have been blessed by your help: Thank you! It truly makes the difference from despair to hope for them. 

What we are doing to help

We currently have a team on the ground, cutting up trees, tarping roofs and helping where the needs are the greatest. Right now, there’s a huge demand for help and we are focusing on the elderly generation who have the least ability to help themselves. 


updates from the field


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