Hurricane Idalia Response

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On the morning of Aug 30 Hurricane Idelia hit the Florida panhandle. It hit the coast as a category 3 hurricane, with winds as high as 125 mph, causing extensive damage to entire towns. Much of the damage consisted of downed trees, and damaged structures and roofs. 

A lot of people didn’t have the means to tarp their roofs and remove rubble from their own properties. Contractors used many of the situations to charge extremely high prices for tree removals. Many of the people who live in these rural areas cannot afford those services, but still need help. 

On behalf of all the people who were blessed by your help: Thank you! It truly makes the difference for them

How we Helped...

We spent several weeks in Taylor county cleaning up debris and fallen trees on properties, taking the time to connect with people, and receiving their warm hospitality! 


Warmth & Hospitality in the South

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