Kentucky Flood Response

What happened?

On the night of July 28th, massive rainfalls caused the creeks and rivers of southeastern Kentucky to rise 7-10 feet within a few hours. Thousands of homes were damaged and the death toll is over 35. Large areas lost power and public water. In some areas it will take weeks to restore public water. We sent in a team and are currently organizing volunteers for cleanup. 


Closing the Kentucky Project

Yesterday we made the decision to close down our part in the eastern Kentucky flood disaster response. The work is not done yet, but we …

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SE Kentucky Flooding update

When I saw the destruction from the flood, it made me sad. A lot of people have been sleeping in tents for awhile, and some …

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Kentucky: Volunteers needed!

Volunteers needed for Kentucky flood cleanup!! Today and tomorrow we are wrapping up a few projects in the Buckhorn, KY, area, and then tomorrow we will …

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SE Kentucky flooding update

This week we had a series of meetings with the local community leaders and other organizations, and we, as an organization, found a need we …

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Kentucky: Dealing with the long-term effects of the flood

We are currently evaluating the scope of the overall needs in Kentucky, as they seem to be shifting some. The immediate large scale disaster cleanup …

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Update from Kentucky

The last two weeks have been quite intense in some ways, and yet we have also had a lot of fun. We have been cleaning …

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