Update From Ukraine 6/14

During the early hours of the morning of June 6th, Russian forces blew up the Kakhovka dam creating a humanitarian aid disaster in the city of Kherson as well as over 80 settlements in the region along the Dnipro river.
Water levels rose quickly, up to the roofs of homes. People sat on their roofs waiting to be rescued. Those lucky to be living in multistorey apartment buildings may have not gotten flooded, but got completely cut off from the world.
Shelling also continues, and in many areas even being on boats is very dangerous.
Feeling called to assist, our team quickly travelled from our FOB in Donetsk down to the city of Kherson. God lined everything up and provided us with the right connections, supplies and even two boats. We have now been here for the past week evacuating people from the flooded island district of Kherson city. Also delivering water, medicine, food, NFI’s and other aid to many villages along the river that have been suffering due to the flooding everywhere, praying and sharing words of hope to the people.