Update From Haiti 6/15

As I drove through Legoane just after the flood, I was blessed with how the community was rising up and helping one another. There are business owners who lost their whole life’s work. Many don’t know how to start up again.
As I drove through the destruction, two young men, probably around 17 years old, caught my attention. I observed them working hard to clean out a house shoveling the smelly mud and sludge out onto the street. They were barefooted, working in filthy water.
A bread vendor came by, walking in the sludge, selling bread. I saw the young men looking at the bread with great longing. One pulled out his pocket and came up with only 25 gourdes. The other searched his pockets and shook his head.
Giving the bread vendor the 25 gourdes they were able to buy only one piece of bread. They then split the bread between them. The reality is that this may be all they had to eat for the whole day while working hard in horrible conditions.