Haiti Update 6/10

The situation in the prisons is dire. There are about 700 prisoners altogether, with 60 to 70 people crammed into 15’ x 15’ rooms. Most of these people are so malnourished you can count every bone in their body. The reason for this is that most of them depend on family or friends outside the prison for food and with all the unrest and natural disasters those people are barely surviving themselves and often unable to bring them food.
Between the end of October and the beginning of December we delivered food to these prisons every week. In that time, no one died. In December we missed one week and 17 people died.
We have also been having church in the prison with about 45 people. They love it and it is a great opportunity to share the Good News of the Gospel.
Because we are not allowed to take photos in the prison it has been challenging to communicate to the outside world how bad this situation is. Please pray for these people and for us as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus.