Update From Ukraine 3/10

In the recent weeks, there has been a steady supply of humanitarian aid readily available in Ukraine. In one of the towns, the major explicitly asked to shut down any aid coming in, because it destroyed the economy there. It wasn’t vital for survival, the local population didn’t need to work anymore, and local businesses suffer as a result of misplaced aid. This is a common problem, wherever disasters and aid meet. One of our goals is to stay sensitive to the ebb and flow of needs and as a result, we have greatly reduced the amount of aid we are moving, as well as insuring that it actually fills a need and doesn’t contribute to more problems for the country.
The shift has allowed us to put most of our focus to other places. We are currently working on a medical initiative. There is a need for proper medical care and we would appreciate prayer as we walk through the dynamics and challenges involved. Thank you for your support!