Update from Haiti 3/14

Part 1 – From Our International field directer:
A single gunshot breaks the silence as we are sitting on Andy’s front porch, waiting on the hygiene kits to arrive. These kits have just been transported through the worst gang-controlled parts of Haiti and the drivers had to pull over and wait for the fighting to end. We’ve been here for a week and I’m thinking about everything that happened during our stay.
Earlier today, we had been in one of the prisons for a prayer service. What an amazing time of worship and singing! Afterwards, I shared from Matthew 14. About fifty people were present and they all were attentive and blessed by our sharing. In this prison, the atmosphere amongst the inmates is open and the Holy Spirit is moving them to repentance. People are confessing their sins and forgiving those who wronged them. They are repenting of the things that landed them in prison. It is wonderful to see.
Yesterday, we took a trip up the mountain to do a food distribution. This part of Haiti has always been very poor, and now, a vast part of the country is suffering from a severe drought. In the past, this community relied on their animals as a source of income, but the animals are dying from starvation and thirst. I was shocked at all the dead vegetation, even the coconut trees are dying. In this area, we were able to bless 80 people with food.
to be continued on Thursday …
PC 📸 – Josh Myer