Update From Haiti 3/09

The hygiene kits for the prisons arrived!
It was challenging to get them shipped from Port-au-Prince too to the south, where the prisons are. The original plan was to
to transport them by plane, but due to all the instability, Mission Aviation Fellowship has ceased operations in Haiti, leaving us no option but to transport by ground. Our drivers came up to heavy gun fire three different times in gang-controlled areas, forcing them to take shelter and wait for the fighting to cease, so they could make a run for it. One of the vehicles was stopped by armed gunmen who looked inside to see the load and then decided to let them go! All of this was during a 48-hour period that had over 80 reported kidnappings.
But all of this was well worth it, when we handed the kits out to the inmates. The inmates were yelling Thank You! and clapping, so grateful and excited for the kits. One of the inmates particularly caught my attention. He held all the items that came in the kit in his hands and said under tears: “Thank you! You knew just what we needed”.
One of the police officers sent me a message afterwards and told me “ You guys truly respect people. The things you gave were not worn out or dirty but new and fresh! I never seen this kind of love before”.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped with making the kits and put in so much time and effort, it was well worth it!