Update From Haiti 8/17

Our work in Haiti has shifted to mainly focus on the prisons. We are currently working in three prisons, and plan to visit a fourth one in the next few weeks.
It has been an eye-opening experience to serve within Haitis prisons. At one of our recent prison services, one of the ladies asked if she could pray a prayer that God had laid on her heart. This lady had re-dedicated her life to Christ a while back. After I told her to go ahead, she started praying. She prayed for the young men that came and assisted in the church service, that they would not fall to temptation and leave the path God has for them and she prayed for my family and protection over us while we serve here in Haiti. We left feeling very blessed by the prayer she prayed for us. Some times we think it’s our job to minister to others but in reality, God is ministering to us through others.