Question & Answer

Q: Why should I take the training?
A: There are lots of people who can and want to volunteer and yet aren’t allowed to work with the local and national emergency service departments when disasters hit. By taking the training, you’ll gain the necessary credentials to serve alongside first responders, as well as the opportunity to serve with our first-in team when we deploy.
We believe in equipping our leaders, so they have the necessary training and experience for the field, whether that is in the US or international. Part of the training is on leadership and by taking the training, you will have the opportunity to take on leadership positions on our US responses.
The training also provides you with the opportunity to get to know the staff and vice versa. This is one of our favorite things about the training, we love to connect with the students. Our goal is to put you in the best possible position to succeed on the field and the training is a great way to accomplish that.
International deployment is not guaranteed, but much more likely when you take the training. We prefer to get have volunteers take the training before sending them, since the stakes are usually much higher.