Update From Ukraine 8/16

This past week we returned to Kherson to assess the current needs and provide assistance where needed.
I was blessed as we provided aid to IDPs in the city who have no work and are struggling to make do, and to see some of them respond to the Gospel message of salvation!
The last day, we had the opportunity to help with flood cleanup at the house of a dear Babushka. She was all alone in her attempt to restore order to her yard.
Her home is less than three miles from the Russian positions across the river, and had been flooded completely. One of the buildings had collapsed, because the clay and straw walls had been underwater for over a week.
Helping her clear out the trash and debris was a great experience. But what really made it all worth it was when Chaplain Leonid took her aside and, while they sat down together, he shared the truth of salvation with her. After he explained it to her, she willingly accepted Christ’s free gift, and with joy on her face she said; “Now it is clear why you came. Not just to help, but to bring the good news to me.”