Staff Introductions: ( The Beilers)

Mervin was one of the first guys to take the First Response Training back in August of 2022 and has been with us ever since. In April of 2023, he stepped up to become the US Response Director and successfully led multiple responses, including the flooding in Kentucky and the tornado damage in Mississippi and Arkansas. During this time, he put a lot of thought and hard work into developing the US Response branch of the organization, purchasing and setting up equipment, tools and procedures, and brought it to the point where someone else can step into his role.
With time it became apparent that, while he was doing well as a US Response Director, his real passion is teamwork, leadership, communication and troubleshooting. As such, the position of Operations Director suits him perfectly. With a heart to hear people out, seemingly endless patience, the ability to read between the lines and bring understanding, he’s the right person to have as a link between the field and the office.
We appreciate his dedication, insights and energy that he brings to the team!