Vermont Flood Response 7/21

US Disaster Response
[Barre Vermont Flooding]
The streets are muddy, the air is filled with the smell of wet things, damp, moldy, slimy and utterly depressing. The streets are lined with the damaged belongings of people who have lost everything. A stray cat walks through the mess, the epitome of the “lostness” that one feels in the atmosphere.
An elderly lady, in her nineties, has managed to carry a small pile of wet garbage out of her basement. She wants to do this herself, but she really can’t.
A few brave volunteers are starting to clear out the houses and clean up the mess but there are not enough. If the houses do not get gutted and dried out in time they will get mold and cause health problems.
The small businesses are struggling to get back on their feet. Some will fail and without them the already struggling local economy will get worse.
These people need hope. Will you be the one to bring it?