Testimony From Florida

We’ve never had a direct hit from a hurricane like this in our history. We have experienced outer bands and storms from hurricanes and we have prepared for hurricanes many times. I have experienced the effects of hurricanes when I was in ministry in central Florida and have been able to aid other churches but have never been the Lead Pastor of a church that needed assistance. It meant so much to our church and to our community to have them in the area so quickly after the storm. Having no experience with anything like this, I was very skeptical about a group coming to help for FREE? I asked about the costs involved and verified it several times, because there were several people/companies here that bombarded our community with “help”, but there was always a cost attached and many times they were inflated. I talked to some people who were quoted $12,000 to $20,000 to have their trees trimmed and debris cleaned up.
We were so grateful for the ministries that came and donated their time and resources to help our community. I quickly found out that Plain Compassion was legitimate, and they were here to help. Word of mouth quickly spread throughout our community and people with cleanup needs started contacting me to connect them with Plain Compassion. Debris clean-up, roofs tarped, trees trimmed, small repairs… I heard feedback from the community that they were taken care of quickly by this ministry, sometimes the same day or within a couple days at the latest. It was such a great blessing that in the middle of our chaos and mess that we could get help from people who cared. They were the hands and feet of Jesus in action. I feel like I made new friends and cannot put into words how grateful I am to have been a small part of connecting them with our community. I am thankful as a Pastor and we are so thankful as a community and we pray many blessings upon everyone involved in this ministry!
I do not know where we would be without your help!
Pastor David Johnson

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