Florida Hurricane 9/05

As I was sitting in the skidsteer, my phone rang. I dug it out of my pocket, saw that it was a Florida number and immediately answered. On the other end, a man asked if we could come and get a tree off his house roof. I replied: “Sure, I will be over later today to take a look at it.” After a few setbacks I made it over there and immediately liked him. That was the beginning of a great relationship.
I noticed that his roof was damaged and really needed to be tarped before it rained again. We made that a priority and still did it for him that night. After we were done, he asked if we had time to drop by his mom’s house to pick up some food. He told us she had a generator and was making food for all the neighbors. When we arrived, we were welcomed into a house full of people all sitting around talking and eating. Even the dogs were nice. It felt like Christmas or Thanksgiving.
I have seen this over and over. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, they pull together and the end result is awesome. We are still in contact with this person who shall remain unnamed, but he has been a great help to us and has connected us to several people less fortunate than himself.