Florida Hurricane 8/31

Volunteers needed!
We’re currently stationed in the town of Perry, Florida. Assessing the situation in the area is difficult because of the scale of the disaster. A hurricane leaves a similar yet different footprint than a tornado. Different in that it affected the whole town instead of just along one path, but similar in the sense that the damage is the same kind of damage, downed trees fell on houses and are blocking roads. Some roofs have blown off, but not as intense as a tornado. The scale of it all is mind-boggling and hard to comprehend, because it affects the whole town and this is just one town of many.
Right now, the biggest need is for chainsaws and skidsteers, as well as manpower to tarp roofs. The project is open for volunteers! Click on the link below to sign up to volunteer with us in Florida.
If you’d like to help but can’t volunteer, consider donating to the work there. All funds will be used to help the people who have been affected by the hurricane.