Daniel Beiler’s Family Returns to the US!

Well, it’s officially official! Tickets have been purchased, and we are moving back to the US in less than a week!
Several months ago, we felt strongly that there was about to be a big shift in our lives, but we didn’t know what it would be. We prayed into it a lot and tried to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. With time, it became very clear to us that we are being called back to the US for this season. We have completed our mission here, and it’s time for the next step.
Although it will be a big change for us, we are excited to move back to the US and see our family and friends again and excited to see what God has for us next! Thank you to each one of you for your prayers and support over the last 15 months! It has meant a lot!
With those changes, we have officially given the lead of the Ukraine project to John Heinzel. At this point, we’re entering the wind-down phase of the project, and our goal is to gradually turn the work over to Leonid, our military chaplain friend, during the next six months.
* Pray for Daniels as they adjust to life back in the US and John as he transitions into the leadership and the rest of the team as they continue the project till the end of the year! *