Update From Ukraine 3/08

I remember one instance, when we were on our way from Zaporizhzhia. I got a call from one of our contacts, asking for an evacuation.
“I’m sorry to bother you, but a lady from our village got half paralyzed. We need to get her to the hospital. Can you help us, please?”
This is a village along the eastern frontlines, where you can hear explosions, shellings and missiles being launched overhead… there is no cell service either. Our contact had to walk couple of kilometers uphill in order to call me.
These situations are difficult, when we would love to say yes immediately, but can’t make a commitment yet. I promised to make some calls and see what we could do. We also scheduled a time for the next phone call.
By God’s grace, we found the right vehicle, along with a medic. They were willing to spend all day to transport this lady to the hospital where she could get treated for her condition.
The following day, my phone buzzed with messages from these dear people. They expressed their gratitude for our help. “You were the only organization who were willing to help us. When I go to church, I’ll light a candle and ask God’s special blessings for you. You are our guardian angels. Thank you!”
It is not the first time when people refer to us as angels. And it is nice to know that they see God’s intervention in their lives with our presence and work….