Haiti Update 3/07

One big problem this week was that we were running out of diesel to be able to do distributions. It has been weeks since we were able to buy diesel, but we set out with faith that we would find the diesel we needed. It was a miracle, we found a fuel station that just started selling diesel, and there was no line yet! We quickly pulled in and filled the truck and also asked to them to fill the extra tank on the back. The only way they would do it was to hide the tank under a tarp and fill it that way. The attendant was still very scared someone would see and the guards wanted us out of there fast before it attracts attention. Tensions are high! But we found the diesel we needed and that is just another way to prove how God continues to provide. We continued our way up into the mountains. The road is barely wide enough for the truck, and parts of the road were crumbling and falling down to the deep valley below. On arrival, we were met by a very grateful crowd of people. We held a small church service in the local church and then handed out food. They were incredibly grateful for the food they received. Some of them shared stories of children starving to death in the area, many of them are saying that it has never been this bad before.
Pray for Haiti.

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