Update from the Nolts

My journey with PCCR started in August of 2021, when Daniel Beiler asked me to join a response team to do medical evacuations after the earthquake in Haiti. I’m an EMT and was already interested in becoming a part of Plain Compassion, and when the January ’22 training got scheduled, I signed up right away. When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, I had the opportunity to start and lead the work here and absolutely loved it. I enjoy traveling and handling the various aspects of international crisis response, so it was really a perfect fit for me. When July came around, I made a short trip back to the headquarters in PA to pick up the role of international response director, and am now directing the project in Haiti from Ukraine. I met a very wonderful young lady shortly after coming to Ukraine, during the summer we fell in love and got married in November. We now live in Dnipro, Ukraine and help manage and direct the project here. I manage the warehouse and help out with front-line runs as needed. My wife, Lucy, is the project coordinator and head translator. Her days are full with managing two phones, taking calls and messages. People call with aid requests, the teams call for addresses or to inform that they are en route to a drop-off, or that another van needs to be repaired and so on. In all the routine and war, with all that it brings, we thank you for your constant support.
Greetings and Merry Christmas,
The Nolts