12/22 Haiti Update

This week has been particularly busy. On Tuesday, we distributed 1700 pounds of rice and 500 pounds of beans to 140 families in a rural mountain area. We prayed together and I shared a word of encouragement before we handed out the food. This community worked together and donated a very generous amount of charcoal that they make in the mountains, and other fruits that they grow in their fields. The charcoal and food will be used for our work in the prisons, and these people were very happy for the opportunity to help bring food into the prisons.
It has been wonderful to see the Haitians care for each other, even out of their own lack. It gives them a completely different mindset, out of a hopeless situation of needing to receive, to being able to give back and bless others in return. Pray for them and us as we continue the food distributions this week.