Beiler Family update

Our year with PCCR was an incredible experience, full of growth opportunities.
Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to assume the US Response Director responsibilities. It has been a growing and stretching experience as we learn how to best fulfill those responsibilities. We had the opportunity to respond to three disasters in the US this year, as well as closing out the response in Kentucky that got started last year. The opportunity to serve with Plain Compassion has really been a training ground in leadership development and in teamwork dynamics for me. A year ago, we invested the Christmas season in Kentucky as a family during the tornado cleanup response and it was a bit of a bittersweet experience to be gone from home over Christmas.
But even with this, we had a lot of highlights from that time.
Thank you to everyone who has personally invested into our lives in this past year! We appreciate each one of you!
Mervin and Lydia Ann Beiler & family