Update from Kentucky

Today we had team of people out scouting the area of Buckhorn, KY. Based on our assessments, there are thousands of houses damaged in the region of the flooding. Little creeks and streams rose 10 to 15+ feet over night. This area is mostly mountains or creek bottoms. 

We were talking with homeowners to see how and where we can help. There is starting to be a big need for volunteers to come in and help with the cleanup phase. We are getting more and more requests from homeowners for help, and we are working on securing volunteer lodging. The biggest challenge is that there are entire areas where the power and county water supply is down. 

Approximately half of the population depends on county water for their water supply. This means a lot of people don’t have the ability to take showers and need to improvise for restrooms. Shower houses are being put up in different areas by the counties. – Stay tuned for a link to signup to volunteer to help clean up. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated toward this project! 

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