Stateside Response Team Update

We have been preparing to respond to stateside disasters during the upcoming hurricane season and any other disasters that may arise. Our first response teams are trained and ready to respond. They are trained to take care of immediate needs that arise from the disaster, as well as help steward the resources that become available for later needs. 

We are currently working on outfitting a first response trailer with necessary tools so that we can more efficiently provide the resources necessary to take care of immediate needs. We are also working on streamlining our systems and processes to better match available resources with the needs in a large scale disaster. 

 In the event that we do respond to a large scale disaster in the states, we are also looking forward to working with all the volunteer manpower that so many people are willing to provide. If you are interested in serving with us in the future, connect with us and stay tuned for even more updates.

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Trailer Upfitting for response work

The trailer is getting all set up and ready to go! Thank you to Jesse Hostetler for an amazing job with this!

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