Update from daniel beilers

This year has been an interesting year for our family. January found us in Kentucky running the PCCR tornado response. We were directing teams of people doing tornado cleanup and helping to facilitate the flow of donated items.
In the beginning of February, I went to Ethiopia for a week and checked on the humanitarian crisis happening there.
Two weeks after my Ethiopia trip, war broke out in Ukraine, and 18 hours later, I was on my way to Europe with a first response team.
We arrived in Ukraine, and within three weeks, we had a team of 18 people and 7 vehicles. We mostly did evacuations, but we also transported some humanitarian aid.
Maribeth and the children arrived in Ukraine a month after I left home. That was a great reunion!! We went to the U.S. for three weeks in May, then returned to Ukraine; and in August, our baby girl was born here in eastern Ukraine.
We are still in Ukraine and are the project directors of the PCCR work here. It is an intense, fulfilling work and a growing experience. We are grateful to PCCR for giving us this platform, and we are blessed to be on this journey with God.
Daniel and MariBeth & family