Unrest in Haiti

Haiti 🇭🇹
The situation in Haiti remains difficult as gangs continue to control all the main roads in and out of the capital. Kidnapping rates remain very high, along with other violent crimes. The insecurity combined with ever-rising food costs continue to devastate the country. At this point, one plate of hot food from a food vendor costs more then day’s wages. Food insecurity continue to worsen.
The food distributions we are doing are always met with a lot of gratefulness and tears. January 1 is Independence Day for Haiti, but this year there wasn’t much of a celebration. Most people are just trying to survive. One gentlemen told us “ Thank you for this huge amount of rice (it was about 12 lbs). I could work for two weeks and not be able to buy this much. My children cry at night because their bellies hurt from being hungry.”
Continue praying for Haiti.🙏🏼