Trip to the Front Lines

Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
The photo of this sunset is a special photo. It was taken 6 weeks ago on a delivery we did.
Several hours before this photo, we were entering a front-line town with a van load of medical supplies for the hospital. We stopped outside town at a checkpoint and were denied access since the town was under a vicious Russian attack. The Ukrainian soldiers at the checkpoint said it’s too dangerous to enter.
We told them what we have with us, and they said they’ll figure out a way to get the supplies into town. They told us to go hide our vehicles in a tree line and wait until they figure things out.
We parked our vehicles and listened to the bombs rip into the town. Overhead, a Russian jet was circling in the sky.
I don’t like being denied access because of the danger level. We got some people praying into it, and shortly after that, several soldiers brought a doctor out to us. The doctor escorted us into town and to the hospital where we unloaded.
Minutes before we entered the town, all went quiet. The explosions stopped, and things went completely silent, except for one distant explosion. Everything stayed quiet until we exited the town.
We drove into this beautiful sunset as we exited the town. Another day and another miracle.