Work in the Prisons

Haiti 🇭🇹
A huge part of our work is in the prisons. The prisoners tell us over and over again how thankful they are for the food that we bring. They say that it gets them through the week and keeps them alive. Last week, we re-filled the prison water cistern. It had been dry, which means no drinking water and no baths for the entire facility. Water means life to them. Their way of thanking us is by cheering, they are so grateful to have water again.
For most of us, it’s a serious nuisance to not have running water for an hour, let alone a day. And not being able to shower for a week is almost unthinkable. Imagine this, if you can… To the inmates, the fact that someone cared enough to help means more than any amount of preaching would, and it’s opening their hearts to God’s love and redemption. Thank you for your help to make this possible!