Thank you from Ukraine

This note is from someone whom you helped. Thank you for partnering with us to bring hope to the people of Ukraine!

‘Thank you very much for your team and the humanitarian aid they provide!! People are very grateful for the physical and spiritual bread they receive. This humanitarian aid helps us in the evangelism of our city. May our good Father bless you and every step be under His guidance. God’s blessings to you, and and may His holy angels protect you!’

– The photos are of a recent distribution. We partnered with Samaritan’s Purse and passed out Christmas Child Packages to the children in town. Children are the most vulnerable at hard times like these and being able to bring them joy with a package was wonderful. 

The war is no longer being publicized as much as it used to be, but the people are still suffering. Oftentimes, when the newness of a crisis wears off, it gets worse, as the attention is shifted elsewhere and the problems still exist. We are focusing our attention on the areas that need help the most and your support is needed and appreciated very much. Thank you for standing with us!

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