Situation Report on the flooding in KY

We have a team on the ground assessing the need right now. It’s a terrible situation. The local fire and police departments are busy doing search and rescue, with over 250 people still missing as of last night and the death toll is over 20 people. With the SAR still underway, they have not been able to even assess the damages in the areas where nobody is reported missing.

Most of the public water in the affected areas is shut down, and it could take at least a few weeks to repair. Currently, the local jurisdictions are maxed out on opening roads and getting power back on. This area will need an immense amount of cleanup and repair. There are lots of homes that have water damage, with inches of mud in them as well.

Pray for the people that lost family and homes in the flood. To help us help them, consider donating to this project.

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