Flood alert!

Once again, Kentucky needs our help!
Southeastern Kentucky had massive rainfalls, with reports showing 7-10+ inches between 9pm Wednesday night and 9am this morning. In Whitesburg, KY, the river levels rose nearly 18 feet in ten hours. There is widespread flooding that happened overnight and is still ongoing. According to some reports, it may be a record-breaking flood for the area.
We are sending our first response team down immediately for a 3 week deployment. We are looking to raise $25,000 for this deployment, which will enable us to help those affected by the flooding. Initially, we expect to be involved in search and rescue. When the water recedes, our attention will turn to pumping out basements and assisting those with the greatest needs. Would you consider helping us help Kentucky again?
Click the link below to donate towards this outreach.
Also, pray for the people affected by the flood, as well as for wisdom and guidance for the team. As soon as our team is on the ground we will send another update with pictures.

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