Scout Trip to Ukraine

Please pray!!
We have been monitoring the events surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict closely for the past weeks. When conflict broke out, our contacts urged us to deploy quickly, otherwise the borders would be closed. Our scout team has arrived on the ground and are traveling to meet our contacts in the area. Both are graduates from the PCCR First Response Training, both are EMTs. We are in continuous communication with our contacts and are putting together plans to help those in need.

Pray for the civilians who just had their lives destroyed by the war on both sides and that the war would soon stop.
Pray for safety, wisdom and strength for our team, as they navigate the many needs that have been brought to them.

We have gotten multiple requests to help orphaned children and individuals to flee Ukraine and into Hungary. In order to help these children we are in need of contacts to any churches or organizations in the surrounding countries as well as fuel and vehicles to transport them. If anyone on this prayer chain has any church contacts in any of the surrounding countries we would like to hear from you.

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