On Saturday afternoon 2 days after the invasion our team of two landed in Budapest, Hungary. We got a rental car and drove to one of the checkpoints on the Hungarian border where the Ukrainian refugees are entering Hungary.
The local people and the Hungarian Red Cross had a tent set up with food, hot drinks, and heaters so people could warm up. They also had portable toilets available. They had a great system, and things were going well.
We spent the night at a motel; then yesterday we were asked to help a small group of refugees who were on their way to cross the border. One of them was a girl who is partially through the adoption process with an American family. We got them warm meal and a place to sleep for the night, and this morning they were taken to a house that is run by a local church we are working with.
We have had numerous requests to help evacuate orphans from several different orphanages throughout Ukraine. We are working with several different organizations and together we are working on a plan to bring them to safety outside of Ukraine. It will take a team in Ukraine, a team in Hungary or one of the other surrounding countries, and vehicles on both sides of the border.

Pray for the transportation connections, and the logistics to all come together. Also, pray for favor with the government and military officials in Ukraine and for safety for the people as we work to get them out.

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