Scout Trip to Ethiopia

Civil war is destroying Ethiopia, leaving over a million people displaced, traumatized and in desperate need. We sent a scout team to assess the needs and build connections with the church there.

Scout Team Report:
We spent all of Sunday in Addis Ababa which is the capital of Ethiopia. Monday we spent part of the day with the church we are working with. Today we were traveling most of the day and drove 6 hours north into the area that was occupied by the invading army as recent as 2 months ago. Tomorrow we will be meeting with government, church, and community leaders and getting a feel for the needs in the area.

The needs are enormous. 1,500,000 people in this province alone fled the invading army. Thousands of people were raped and executed. Since the army retreated, 1,000,000 of these people have returned home again to find all their possessions looted and their homes empty.

The region is devastated and traumatized and will take years for recovery to happen. Pray for healing and alignment in Ethiopia.

Camels are part of the local transportation
This is what most of the buildings looked like. Empty. For hundreds of miles.

Photos from the trip

A burned out hospital. We met with the hospital director today and he told us the hospital staff didn't flee and were there when the invading army arrived. They were arrested, held for three days, then released. One of their staff was shot and killed while another was shot but survived it
This is what some of the burned buildings look like

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