January 15, 2021

This amazing story is by John Chisom, one of our volunteers:
“I have seen so many things throughout my life that I could sit down and tell you story after story for hours…
Here’s a good story. This was AMAZING.
I’m in the van with 6 other people, and we stopped at a convenient store so that I could purchase something very quickly.
“An inconvenient stop at a convenience store…” is how I put it when I asked them if we could stop.
I go in, and the cashier rings me up and she recognizes my voice isn’t the voice of someone from Kentucky. When I explained where I was from and why I was here, she offered me and everyone in the van free coffee or fountain sodas for volunteering.
She then pointed out her fellow employee who lost their house and ended up having to take herself and her two babies someplace else until they figure out what to do.
I go back to van and everyone was willing to accept their offer for the free coffee … so we all go back into the store together.
Two of the men with us, Dave & Jake, walked up to the girl who lost her house, and told her that they had prayed to God that he would reveal someone who lost their home to them… and they went on to explain why…
Turns out, their church put an undisclosed amount of cash into an envelope and trusted them to hand it to someone randomly who lost their house.
We all joined each other hand in hand and Jake said this beautiful prayer for this young girl and gave her the money as tears rolled down her cheeks … and as I caught myself shedding tears watching all this unfold, I realized that I was struck with emotion for the first time in a very long time.”
This is why we are here, to touch people’s lives and restore hope to them. Thank you for helping us help them.

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