Loading up for another trip

Yesterday morning we took three loads of food and headed for the city of Sumy. After driving for nine hours, we arrived in the late afternoon, unloaded the food, and spent the night in the city. This morning we left and drove nine hours west. There we loaded our vans with 8,200 pounds of food and potatoes.
Tomorrow we will take this food to a northern city where there are many people that do not have enough food to eat as a result of the war.
We have been blessed with warehouses of food and relief supplies at our disposal. These supplies are from organizations that are importing the food for distribution, but don’t have the logistics in place to move the goods to the war torn areas. We have the logistics in place and are being granted access to some of these storage places where we can fill our vans and take the food to where it’s needed.
We have built a network of connections where we can choose any town or city in eastern Ukraine and have solid contacts in place to do the final distribution in that city.
It is a great setup and allows us to move large volumes of food into areas where it’s needed the most.
Thank you for standing with us, for all the support and prayers. It makes a huge difference to the people in Ukraine and the team that is there.

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