Mission Accomplished!!

On Sunday afternoon, three teams left for the same area where we did the evacuation on Thursday and Friday. They made it safely into the area by Monday afternoon, unloaded, and settled in for the night.

All night the bombing and the fighting continued several miles away, and by morning the Russians had made a huge push west and had gained a lot more territory. When the teams went to leave, they loaded fifty-eight people into three nine-passenger vehicles.

The teams had to travel out a different route than last time, due to Russian soldiers being in the area. They went around the Russians and had an uneventful ride the rest of the way out of the contested areas. We heard later that one of the towns they drove through was shot up by the Russians several hours after we were there.

They safely unloaded all their passengers, drove four hours south, and loaded up their vehicles for another long trek tomorrow.

We are grateful for another safe operation.

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