Food delivery

Today we had a breakthrough in our logistics coordination, and we were able to move 54,000 pounds of food to our facility in eastern Ukraine. During the next several days, our goal is to move all the food out to the front line communities where it is needed.
Pray that we would be able to find several warehouses to better coordinate multiple shipments of food.
The people in the photos and many others are from different villages which were badly hit by Russians. When the team visited them, they were extremely happy and moved to tears. The grandmas couldn’t believe it’s for free. They were pulling out some money from their hankies and tried to give the guys. Then they just cried. Others are also sending us their “Thank you!”, together with the team who helped to deliver all the supplies.
To all of our supporters: Thank you! Your prayers and financial support are what makes this possible. May God bless you in a special way for your part in this work.

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