Connecting the supply to the need

The war in Ukraine has disrupted people’s livelihoods, jobs, and income. It has left millions of people with little to no food. Even for people that do have money, there are large areas of the country where the supply chain is broken and there is no food available for purchase.
This has created a massive need for vehicles to move loads of food into the frontline communities and the areas devastated by war. Recently, we have received many requests for food, medical supplies, and hygiene products. There are many organizations shipping food into the country; however there is a disconnect from the supplies entering Ukraine, to where the need actually is in eastern Ukraine. We are working as quickly as our resources allow to bridge that gap.
To date, we have distributed approximately 30,000 meals, and we are planning to scale up our supply distributions.
All of the work we do would be impossible without the support of so many generous people. Thank you for coming behind us, so we can help them! Your prayers and financial support make a huge difference for the people in Ukraine.

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